Luana Luz Xavier, 34, killed in front of her kids

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The woman who was shot and killed in Amstelveen yesterday, has been identified as Luana Luz Xavier (34), the girlfriend of the Amsterdam criminal Najib "Ziggy" H. In the criminal world she is accused of luring a target to a (failed) assassination attempt for her boyfriend H.

The Brazilian Luz Xavier was shot multiple times at about 19:30 last night on Beeckestijn in front of her teenage daughter and son. She could not be saved. The (presumably several) gunmen fled in a car, which was found burnt out a short time later on the corner of Haya van Somerenlaan and Joke Smitlaan, not far away from the crime scene.

Najib H., also known as Ziggy, is a criminal from the group around Gwenette Marta, who was executed in May. In the past H. has been accused of involvement in assassinations, but never with enough evidence. A few years ago he survived an assassination attempt in Amsterdam-Zuid. H. seems to be playing a larger, more managerial role after Martha's death in May.

The now murdered Luz Xavier had been in circles around Gwenette Martha for some time. Since 2011 she owned a clothing store in the center of Amsterdam. In a lawsuit Martha called the store one of the companies with which he earned his money. A remarkable detail is that Luz Xavier transferred the business to a new partnership a few days before her death.

According to a comment on the internet by an apparent insider, Luz Xavier played a role in the attack on Chahid Y. In the environment Y. was accused of being a turn-cloak around the murder of Matha in Amstelveen. Luz Xavier's boyfriend would have wanted to take revenge on Y. for that betrayal.

Gwenette Martha was executed on May 22nd on Amsterdamseweg in Amstelveen. He was exiting a kebab shop with Chadid Y. A BMW drove past from which men open fired on Martha with automatic weapons. Chadid Y. escaped unharmed.

According to the detailed comment on the internet, "a girl friend" of Ziggy H. (this probably refers to Luz Xavier) lured Chadid Y. to Almere on November 1st. There he became the target of an attack. The perpetrators planted a explosive in his car and gunmen fired on him and a passenger. They both escaped, Chahid Y. was injured.

The writer of the very detailed piece on the internet called Ziggy H. "the new boss of the group Martha". According to him, H. wants Chahid Y. and his brother "cleaned up at all cost". In the piece Ziggy H. was accused of several murders. The tipster named names of underworld figures who are in some cases considered involved by the police. The piece was removed again shortly after it was posted on the internet. According to the site administrator, this was done by order of the police.