Artis Zoo

Amsterdam police help recapture an escaped red ruffed lemur and return it to Artis Zoo, 4 Jul 2017
Jul 4 '17 11:30

A red ruffed lemur was spotted wandering the streets of Amsterdam on Tuesday morning. The primate from Madascar escaped from Artis zoo early on Tuesday morning and was loose on the street for about 45 minutes before being recaptured at 7:00 a.m., a spokesperson for the zoo said to AD. 

Several people called the police to report seeing the animal in a car park on Waterlooplein. The lemur was recaptured there by zoo employees and police officers and returned to its home. 

Pink Pelican
Apr 14 '17 08:00

The police are looking for three suspects for the theft of 10 pelican eggs from Artis Zoo in Amsterdam last week Sunday. A witness saw three people preparing for the robbery, the police said on AT5 program Bureau 020. According to the police, each egg is worth between 10 thousand and 20 thousand euros, Het Parool reports.

A false gharial at Artis zoo
Mar 17 '17 18:20

Artis zoo managed to successful artificially inseminate false gharial this week. As far as is known, this is the first time in the world that artificial insemination was successfully done on this species of crocodile, Artis announced in a press release

The zoo has had this endangered species of crocodile in residence since 1887. There are only an estimated 2,500 false gharials in the wild. They can be found in Malaysia, southern Myanmar and on the Indonesian islands of Borneo, Java and Sumatra. 

Baby giraffe born at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, 16 Nov 2016
Nov 17 '16 17:00

Another giraffe was born at Artis zoo in Amsterdam. The baby giraffe came into the world on Wednesday night. Zookeepers discovered him on Thursday morning and are delighted, the zoo announced.

According to Artis, this baby giraffe is a colt and already drunk from his mother. This is the mother giraffe's fifth young and brings the total number of giraffes at the zoo up to 10.

Baby giraffe born at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, 7 Nov 2016
Nov 8 '16 15:45

Artis zoo in Amsterdam welcomed a brand new resident - a baby giraffe was born at the zoo on Monday afternoon, Artis announced on Tuesday.

The birth of a giraffe happens with the mother standing and can take anything between 30 minutes and an entire day. This birth took about three hours. The foal was born at 4:25 p.m. 

Jun 3 '16 12:35

Over 400 emergency vehicles will be traveling through Amsterdam with sirens blaring on Friday afternoon. They will be transporting sic and disabled children to the Artis zoo for the annual Children's Beast Feast

no image
Apr 26 '16 16:25

The Micropia museum in Amsterdam launched an innovative exhibition titled 'Crucial Cleaner' this week. In the exhibit visitors will be able to see how microbes break down the body of a giraffe calf.

Apr 12 '16 13:50

Artis zoo's microbe museum Micropia was named the most innovative museum in Europe at the European Museum of the Year Award ceremony in the Spanish city of San Sebastian on Saturday. The National Military Museum was also nominated, and while it did not win, it got an honorable mention.

Feb 9 '16 12:10

The Artis zoo in Amsterdam welcomed a new resident last week. A baby giant anteater was born in the zoo on Friday, the zoo announced. This is the fifth giant anteater to be born in the zoo since 2008.

The giant anteater is an endangered species and is part of the European breeding program, which Artis plays a big role in.

As the baby giant anteater will spend the first three months of its life on its mother's back, it is impossible at this stage to determine the sex of the baby. The new resident of the zoo therefore also does not have a name yet.

Aug 26 '15 12:53

The last bison in the Artis zoo has died at the age of 23 years - a very old age for a bison. The bison cow was part of the international bison breeding program and gave birth to her 10th and last calve in the Amsterdam zoo in 2007, the zoo announced on Wednesday.

Jul 30 '15 15:58

Artis Zoo has welcomed its first baby giraffe for this year. The female giraffe was born around 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday and the zoo managed to capture the birth on video.

May 13 '15 19:00

A Malaysian tapir gave birth to a healthy calf on Tuesday morning at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. The two-minute birth went smoothly and the newborn animal can already walk with its mother, Artis reported.

May 12 '15 13:17

A healthy baby zebra was born into the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam on Thursday. Both mother and foal are doing well, the zoo reports.

May 4 '15 18:27

Artis Zoo is getting rid of its small cages in favor of larger, lifelike residence areas as a part of its ongoing reorganization. This implies giving up on many larger animals inhabiting the zoo. The animals to remain in the zoo will thus have more space available to them.

Micro organism
Aug 26 '14 09:58

Animal park Artis in Amsterdam is opening a new museum for micro-organisms, named Micropia. The Netherlands' Queen Máxima will perform the official opening on Tuesday, September 30th, the Telegraaf reports.

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