Baby giraffe born at Artis zoo

Artis zoo in Amsterdam welcomed a brand new resident - a baby giraffe was born at the zoo on Monday afternoon, Artis announced on Tuesday.

The birth of a giraffe happens with the mother standing and can take anything between 30 minutes and an entire day. This birth took about three hours. The foal was born at 4:25 p.m. 

According to the zoo, the front legs was the first to be seen, followed by the head and slowly the rest of the body. The baby fell nearly two meters to the ground and almost immediately tried to stand up. On the African savannah, baby giraffes often fall pray to predators such as lions or wild dogs. It is therefore part of their survival instinct to start moving as soon as possible, accoding to the zoo.

This is the first baby giraffe born at Artis this year and also the mother giraffe's first young. The baby giraffe will soon be seen in Artis' Savannah. 


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