Suspect murdered Anne Faber after she called for help

Michael P. stated that he killed 25-year-old after he raped her because she called for help, was revealed during the first day of the trial against him on Monday.

P. said he wanted to let Faber go after the rape. But when she saw a cyclist and called for help, he with a knife to keep her quiet.

The Public Prosecutor is charging 28-year-old P. with murder, which means the Prosecutor believes the act was premeditated. P. is also and for , where he was admitted for psychological examination in preparation for the trial.

last year, while she was on a bike ride through the Utrecht region. P. confessed that , got angry and raped her. When she attacked him, P. said, he took her towards Soest. Here she called for help, so P. killed her. 

P. was after his DNA was found on Faber's jacket. The during the almost two week long search for the young woman. to killing her three days after his arrest. According to P., he delayed his confession because he was angry about how the police were treating him. 

Anne Faber's in a wooded area in a nature reserve in Zeewolde. P. told the police where to find her.