Suspect crashed into murdered Anne Faber with scooter: report

As the investigation into Anne Faber's murder continues, the police are getting an increasingly clear picture of what happened to the 25-year-old Utrecht woman in the time between when she left home to go cycling on September 29th and when her body was found on October 12th. Murder suspect Michael P. told the police that he crossed paths with Anne when he crashed into her with his scooter, according to the Telegraaf.

This happened as Anne was cycling near the Aventurijn Altrecht psychiatric clinic in Den Dolder where P. was staying. There was an argument, after which P., under threat of a knife, raped and murdered the young woman, according to the newspaper. 

AD previously reported that P. was riding around on a stolen scooter, looking for a place to burghal on the night of Anne's disappearance.

The Telegraaf also writes that Anne's body likely never would've been found if P. hadn't told the police where he hid her in a wooded area in Zeewolde. According to the newspaper, Anne's body was buried very deep underground. 

Anne Faber was missing for 13 days before her body was found. The police searched various areas for the young woman, first in Baarn where she took her last selfie and sent it to her boyfriend. Then around Huis ter Heide where items of Anne's clothing was found. Michael P. was arrested after DNA traces found on Anne's clothing matched with him. P. eventually told the police where he hid Anne's body.