Women harassed at Den Dolder psych institute

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Two women were harassed on the terrain of psychiatric clinic Altrecht in Den Dolder over the past week, a spokesperson for the clinic confirmed to AD. This is the same clinic where Michael P. was arrested on suspicion of involvement in 25-year-old Anne Faber's disappearance. He is now suspected of her murder.

According to Altrecht spokesperson Lilian Jansen, an employee was attacked and threatened by a man early last week. She managed to escape her attacker. On Thursday a woman was chased by a man as she passed by the clinic. Another passerby intervened, and the woman got away, Jansen said to the newspaper.

It is not yet clear whether these two incidents involve the same man, or whether the man is a patient at the institution. Altrecht is investigating the incidents, and also reported them to the police. What is clear, is that Michael P. is not involved as he was already in custody when the incidents happened.

Residents of Den Dolder have been worried about the presence of the Altrecht institution since Michael P.'s arrest. The clinic increased security since, and the institution is now under 24 hour surveillance. The clinic speaks of an "extreme situation where many emotions come out", according to broadcaster NOS. Altrecht is therefore working with the police for extra security, to ensure peace of mind for local residents, patients and employees. 

Employees of the psychiatric institution are receiving almost continuous threats since P.'s arrest, NOS reports. Altrecht reported these threats to the police. The institution would not say how many threats are involved or what they entail, but did say the threats are coming in on a daily basis. "Everything is is included in the police declaration, including the messages on social media", a spokeswoman said to the broadcaster. "There is a lot of unrest among the staff."

P.'s suspected involvement in Anne Faber's death caused public outcry, as he was still serving a 12 year long prison sentence for raping two teenage girls when Anne disappeared. He had been transferred to the psychiatric institution to start the process of reintroducing him to society. As part of the process, he was allowed certain freedoms, such as being allowed outside without supervision. Many people wonder why a convicted rapist of two minor girls was allowed to do this.