Anne Faber's body first hidden in another place: report

Michael P., the man suspected of murdering Anne Faber, first hid her body in another place before moving it to a wooded area in Zeewolde, where the police found her, AD reports based on sources close to the investigation.

Anne Faber, 25 from Utrecht, went missing on September 29th. She went cycling late in the afternoon and never returned. During her cycling trip, she went past Den Dolder, where Micheal P. was admitted to an Altrecht psychiatric institution for the last phase of a 12 year long prison sentence he got for raping two teenage girls. P. was given many freedoms at the clinic, because he was being prepared for his return to society. For example, he was allowed out without supervision and had access to a car. It was also recently revealed that he attended night classes in Houten. 

According to AD, P. was looking for somewhere to burghal on the night of Anne Faber's disappearance. He was riding around on a stolen scooter that night, the newspaper writes. AD also writes that he hid Anne's body in an as yet unknown location, before moving her to Zeewolde, where her body was found on October 12th. How, why or when he did so is not clear. The police found blood in a car P. had access to. It might be that he had no means to transport the body on the night of the murder.

The police haven't yet revealed how Anne was killed and where it happened. P. is suspected of murder or manslaughter and rape. The 27-year-old man will undergo psychiatric examination in the Pieter Baan Center.