Aug 8 '14 16:17

While the SC Buitenveldertbaan women's team was playing football on the pitch inside, a thief snuck into their Amsterdam clubhouse and stole the lady's belongings. Security cameras inside the bar caught the thief in the act, and the team released the video footage on their Facebook page with an appeal to catch the criminal and get their stuff back.

Vinkeveense Plassen
Aug 8 '14 14:10

An investigating judge in Utrecht has remanded the 49-year-old man suspected of causing a boating accident which killed two people on Monday. The suspect is being investigated for manslaughter by the public prosecutor after a judge refused any possibility to charge the man with homicide.

Aug 8 '14 12:45

The company Gamma International has been hacked by a digital activists organization, who released a massive amount of technical and client information from the company online yesterday. The German-British company that sells spy software to governments and detection authorities, also had the Dutch police as a client, De Volkskrant reports.

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Aug 8 '14 10:23

Authorities in Belgium have arrested a man and a woman from The Hague Thursday, as part of investigations into a suspected jihadist network in the Schilderswijk.

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Aug 8 '14 10:01

Police in Waalre have arrested a man after finding him with a dead body Thursday afternoon.

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Aug 7 '14 14:05

The body Dutch MH17 victim Tamara Ernst has been identified.

Aug 7 '14 13:27

A home on the Dolfijnhof in Amsterdam Noord was robbed Wednesday morning. One of the men was posing as a TNT employee, wearing a jacket from the postal service.

car theft
Aug 7 '14 11:18

In the last six months, car theft has dropped 4.4 percent compared to the same period last year, to a total of 5,492. The Anti-Car Theft Foundation (Stichting Aanpak Voertuigcriminaliteit) brings it down to the intensification of co-operation in the fight against car thieves, the NOS reports.

Amsterdam police
Aug 7 '14 09:26

Residents in The Hague's Moerwijk and Stationsbuurt neighborhoods report that big teams of policemen executed an operation in their streets, and are not sure why, Den Haag FM reports.

Chateau La Tour
Aug 6 '14 14:47

In France, a Dutch man was arrested for owning and running a French castle as a hotel illegally. According to local radio network France Bleu, the man was busted during a control last week Thursday, and is still in detention, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Drunk driving
Aug 6 '14 14:28

In the last four years, police officers have arrested almost a quarter fewer people driving under the influence. According to the Algemeen Dagblad, 46,000 drunk drivers were fined in 2010. Since then, that number has gone down to around 35,000.

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Aug 6 '14 08:48

The man who was piloting the speedboat that killed two men in the Vinkeveense Plassen (ponds) Saturday, is being charged with manslaughter.

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Aug 5 '14 13:47

The Dutch state paid out a record €24.8 million in damages last year to people who had been locked up wrongfully.

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Aug 5 '14 13:38

A 21-year-old man from Overveen suffered injuries to his teeth Saturday, when he suffered a beat-down from a group at the Dance Valley event in Spaarnwoude.

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Aug 5 '14 12:27

State Secretary of Justice Fred Teeven wants to lift the ban for visitors who overstay their visas in Europe.

Foreigners with tourist and business visas who illegally stay a few days longer than planned in the Netherlands, but are willing to leave, may get a two-year ban from entering the country again. Teeven told the Second Chamber that this ban should be dropped; he said he will also raise the matter at EU level.

Aug 5 '14 10:37

A hostel on the Coolsestraat in Rotterdam was broken into on Monday evening at around 11.30. Police say that a staff member was threatened with a weapon, but that nobody was injured. It is unclear whether the robber made away with anything.

no image
Aug 4 '14 15:49

A 58-year-old man from RIjnsburg died early Monday morning after his house was invaded by a group of men.

Bikes in Amsterdam
Aug 4 '14 15:33

A habitual bike thief in Amsterdam has picked the wrong bike to steal for the third time in a row. The 48-year-old recidivist stole one of the police's 'bait bikes' on Sunday, resulting in his immediate arrest.

Bank card
Aug 4 '14 15:25

Clients from ING complain that they are being duped as fraudulent emails that look like they come from banks are circulating, which trick people into giving their personal bank details in exchange for a bank card that has clients' personal IBAN number written on them, De Telgraaf reports.

No image available
Aug 4 '14 12:51

The camera of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers was used up to a week after they disappeared in Panama.

Aug 4 '14 11:26

The 70-year old Cok Harteveld from Maassluis was robbed of his pension this weekend when thieves stole his entire chips-stall. The stall provides Harteveld's income, and he was going to pass it on to his grandchild, until it was stolen. Police may have one lead, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

no image
Aug 4 '14 11:09

Police say the Internal Investigations Department will be looking into a shooting that left a man injured in his leg last Sunday.

Vinkeveense Plassen
Aug 4 '14 10:52

Police in the region of Utrecht have arrested three people for their involvement in a boat collision that left two dead. They are being held on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter and leaving the place of an accident, according to a police spokesperson. The accident occurred on Saturday night, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

no image
Aug 1 '14 12:03

The suspect rapist who was arrested in June in Utrecht after evading capture for almost 20 years, will not go free any time soon.