Deal with cyber attackers more publicly: Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense is stepping up the fight against cyber attacks. In addition to investing more in fighting off cyber attacks, the Ministry also wants to deal with perpetrators more publicly as recently happened after a thwarted espionage attempt by the Russians on the OPCW in The Hague, ANP reports.

Good defense and security "are not enough to keep malicious countries and organizations from digital attacks", the Ministry of Defense said in a cyber strategy published on Monday. It is therefor necessary to make investments in "combating digital espionage, influencing and sabotage". Digital power is necessary "to deter opponents, we have to show that we can hit back", Minister Ank Bijleveld of Defense said. 

The Ministry takes into account that other countries are placing harmful software in vital sectors of the Netherlands "in preparation for a possible military conflict", according to te cyber strategy.

Last month Bijleveld confirmed that the Netherlands is involved in a cyber war with Russia. She now said that this comment was primarily intended to wake people up, so that they become aware of the digital threat. "We have to get rid of naivety in that area", she said, according to the newspaper.