Police link 5 Eindhoven shootings to drug conflict

Crime scene tape
Crime scene tapePhoto: Politie

The police believe that five shooting incidents in Eindhoven and Best this year may all be linked. Investigators think they may be the result of a conflict in the drug world that got out of hand, was revealed on detection program Bureau Brabant on Monday, Omroep Brabant reports. 

On March 11th a 37-year-old man was wounded in a shooting at a trailer park on Kasteellaan in Eindhoven. He sustained multiple bullet wounds. On April 12th car dealer Toon Sweegers was shot and killed while in his car on De Bult in the Eindhoven neighborhood of Strijp. On April 22nd at least 20 bullets were fired through the window of a caravan at a trailer park on Welschapsedijk.

On May 7th a 39-year-old woman was shot multiple at times at close range by a man wearing a motorcycle helmet. This happened in broad daylight on Mr. C. Goselingstraat in Best. She somehow got away with only one bullet hitting her in the upper arm. The police released footage of this attempted assassination on Monday:

And early in June multiple shots were fired at a home on Shakespearelaan in Eindhoven. Two teenagers from Amsterdam were arrested for this incident