Texel hotels offer free accommodation as 'thank you' to care heroes

Sunset in Slufter nature reserve on Texel island
Sunset in Slufter nature reserve on Texel islandPhoto: photoweges/DepositPhotos

To thank healthcare workers and other essential workers for all the effort they put in during the coronavirus crisis over these past months, hotels in Texel are offering 500 "care heroes" each a free overnight stay for two people. "These care heroes deserve to be pampered," Andreas Schraag of the Texel Hotel Association said to NH Nieuws.

"When we introduced the initiative to our members, hotels in Texel wholeheartedly and heartily said: YES! Many members are represented in this action and that is already heartwarming," Schraag said. 

The participating hotels are offering the total of 1,000 nights' accommodations free of charge, "despite the fact that the hotels in Texel have also had a hard time in recent months due to the enormous decline in bookings," Schraag said. The hotel owners want to give something back to the are heroes, he said.

Anyone one who made an indispensable social contribution over the past two months can sign up, Schraag said - teachers, shelf stockers in grocery stores, home care workers, nurses.