Mail bomb sender used Hague home as return address

Mail bombs detonated in Amsterdam and Kerkrade in February 2020
Mail bombs detonated in Amsterdam and Kerkrade in February 2020PolitiePolitie

The Amsterdam police found a new clue in the investigation into mail bombs sent to various Dutch companies since the end of last year. On the most recently sent mail bombs, the extortioner used a nonexistent company Skysence Trading as the sender. For the return address, they used an existing postcode and existing house number in The Hague, the Amsterdam police said on Twitter.

In late December and early January mail bombs were sent to at least seven companies in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Maastricht. None of these exploded. Earlier this month there was another wave of mail bombs, which caused small explosions at an ING office and an ABN Amro mail sorting center in Amsterdam, and at a company in Kerkrade. No one was hurt.

The perpetrator is trying to extort the companies into paying them an unknown amount in bitcoins, the police previously said.

Last week the police shared more details about the mail bombs - how they look, how they are packaged, and what signature the perpetrator used - in the hope that this might lead to useful information from the public.