One conviction, two acquittals in ADO Den Haag grenade incident

ADO Den Haag (Photo: Alex van Buuren/Wikimedia Commons)ADO Den Haag (Photo: Alex van Buuren/Wikimedia Commons)

An 18-year-old man from Amsterdam was sentenced to 18 months in prison, four of which conditionally suspended, by the court in Amsterdam on Wednesday. The court found him guilty of hanging a hand grenade on an outer wall of football club ADO's supporters home in The Hague. Two other men were acquitted, reports.

The grenade was found on the ADO Den Haag supporters home wall, along with red crosses spray painted onto the walls, on April 8th. Surveillance camera footage showed a car with three people inside stopping near the supporters home. One of the three got out and approached the supporters home. He stood in the spot where the grenade and graffiti were later found for around two minutes and then got back into the car.

The court considered it proven that the suspect hung the hand grenade on the wall. There is sufficient evidence to convict the young man of threats, possession of a hand grenade, and vandalism, the court ruled. The judge said that the suspect contributed to the "worrying atmosphere of escalating violence between supporters of ADO and Ajax".

"He apparently did not care about that and did not explain his actions in any way. He also took no responsibility for the danger, the fear and the unrest that he caused", the judge said.

The other two suspects were acquitted for lack of evidence. 


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