Shots fired in Amsterdam road rage incident; two arrested

Police lights (Photo: Politie)Police lights (Photo: Politie)

A motorist was shot at after a road rage incident in Amsterdam during the early hours of Thursday morning. No one was injured in the shooting. The police arrested two suspects.

At around 2:50 a.m. a 28-year-old driver of a blue Volkswagen Golf called the police saying that he was being chased by two men on a scooter. He had a traffic dispute with the scooter riders between Surinameplein and Overtoom. He saw a gun, the motorist said.

While he was on the phone with the police, the men on the scooter shot at the car. This happened on Houtmankade. The motorist was not hit.

The police immediately responded and chased down the scooter. The vehicle was forced to a halt on Nieuwe Hemweg. The two men on the scooter, both 29 and from Amsterdam, were arrested. They are in custody for further investigation. Their scooter was seized.

The police also seized the Volkswagen Golf. "What exactly happened on the route between Surinameplein and Overtoom, but also between Overtoom and Houtmankade is currently being investigated", the police said.

Investigators call on witnesses to come forward.