Court may show footage of Rotterdam teen girl's murder

The court may show video footage of the murder of 16-year-old Humeyra at her Rotterdam school during the trial against suspected gunman Bekir E., was revealed during a proforma hearing on Thursday. The trail against E. and his suspected accomplice Mohammed Al-M. will likely start in November, AD reports. 

Bekir E. is suspected of shooting and killing the teenage girl at the Rotterdam Designcollege in December last year. The murder was caught on surveillance camera. During the proforma hearing on Thursday, the court discussed the possibility of showing the footage in the trial. 

The Public Prosecutor said they don't need the footage. "The images are shocking, we can suffice with stills." He lawyers defending the suspects and Humeyra's family also do not want the footage shown during the trial. But the judge decided to keep the possibility open, in case the course of the trial demands it. Humeyra's family will be given the option to leave the court room should the footage be shown.

Bekir E., 30, had a brief relationship with the then 15-year-old Humeyra in 2017. She ended the relationship when she discovered how old the man was. E. stalked her for months, and she repeatedly reported it to the police. In December last year, E.'s plan to kidnap the girl from school went wrong and he shot and killed her, according to AD. E. confessed to killing Humeyra. His suspected accomplice denies knowing about plans to kidnap her.