Amsterdam to take measures against firearm violence

The Amsterdam triangle of mayor, police and judiciary shares the city council's concerns about the increasing firearm violence in the city and will soon announce additional measures, the triangle said. What exactly these measures will entail is not yet clear, reports.

Amsterdam saw a large number of shooting incidents over the past weeks. On August 8th a 28-year-old man was killed in a shooting in Amsterdam Zuidoost. A known criminal was gunned down in the same district at the end of July. Over the past weekend, there were no fewer than four shootings - a man was injured in a shooting on Dickenslaan in Zuidoost on Saturday, a shooting was reported on Kelbergen on Saturday, shots were fired on WIllem Kromhoutstraat on Sunday, and a house on Mecatorplein was shot at during the early hours of Monday morning.

In addition to the shootings, there was also a violent incident on Pedro Medinalaan on Saturday, and a hand grenade was found in front of a home on Snodenhoekpark on Sunday.

The recent increase in violence has the local politicians worried, and the city council called for an emergency debate. That debate will be held along with the General Affairs Committee meeting on September 5th. 

The Amsterdam mayor, police and Public Prosecution Service share these concerns. "The recent incidents have high priority and will soon be discussed during the consultation between mayor, chief of police and chief prosecutor", a spokesperson said to the newspaper. "Before the debate in the General Affairs Committee, the city council will be informed of the short and long-term measures that the triangle is taking to combat violence." 



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