Lightning strike hurts 14 students at army base

A lightning strike left 14 military students injured at the army base in Ossendrecht on Wednesday morning. One student sustained serious injuries and was taken to hospital by trauma helicopter. The other 13 were taken to hospital for examination, the Koninklijke Marechaussee said on Twitter.

The students involved are studying the Safety & Craftsmanship course at ROC, according to RTL Nieuws. According to the Marechaussee, the lightning strike happened on a military training ground. 

Exactly what happened, is not yet clear. 

Thunderstorms are moving across the Netherlands on Wednesday. Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow warning for the entire country. The institute initially expected the storms to only affect the southwest of the country in the morning, and the rest of the country in the afternoon. But the code yellow is now already in place for the east and northeast of the Netherlands.