Eindhoven counter-protesters released; Pegida announces new protest

Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie)Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie)

Seven counter-protesters who were arrested at a Pegida demonstration in Eindhoven on Sunday, were released again on Wednesday, the Public Prosecutor said. Three minors also arrested at the protest were released on Sunday after questioning. Pegida announced a new protest in the city this coming Sunday.

A demonstration by the controversial anti-Islam movement near Al-Fourqaan Mosque in Eindhoven on Sunday got out of hand when counter-protesters started throwing stones, eggs and other objects at the Pegida demonstrators. Four police officers sustained minor injuries in the disturbances. Because the police could no longer guarantee safety, the demonstration was halted. 

Pegida plans to try again this Sunday, with another protest at the Al-Fourqaan Mosque.

A group of ten Eindhoven residents, united in WEARE1, call on the city council not to allow this protest. "The line has been crossed for many people in Eindhoven", Marieke Stam of WEARE1 said to Omroep Brabant. The group calls on fellow local residents to hold a counter-demonstration on Stadhuisplein from 3:30 p.m. on Friday. "We want the demonstration on Sunday not to take place or at least have restrictions placed on it. If it happens, then not at the mosque. Not in a residential area."

The group also sent a letter to the Eindhoven mayor and aldermen, asking that the Pegida demonstration be banned. "For us, enough is enough and we ask you to say with us: no more of these harassing demonstrations", the letter reads, according to the broadcaster. "This no longer has anything to do with the right to freedom of expression, this is harassment, not only of Muslims but also of our democracy and our municipality."