Amsterdam police gives parking garage shooting suspect an ultimatum

Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)

The police in Amsterdam managed to identify the suspected gunman in a fatal shooting at a parking garage in Amsterdam over the weekend. They call on the suspect to turn himself in. If he doesn't do so by the end of Wednesday, the police will make his identity public.

The shooting happened at a parking garage on Amstelstraat early on Saturday morning. Various media reported that a quarrel about a parking pass got out of hand and resulted in shots being fired. A young father, identified as Orpheo Gefferie by family, was critically injured. He died in hospital a short time later. There was confusion about the victim's age in initial reports, but the police now confirmed that he was 25 years old.

Four suspects were arrested shortly after the shooting, based on witness descriptions. They are still in custody.

According to the police, the suspected gunman is not among the suspects already detained. Investigators managed to identify him and the police raided multiple locations linked to the man, but he has not yet been found. The police therefore urgently call on the suspect to turn himself in. "If the shooter does not report within one day, then his identity will be made public, in agreement with the Public Prosecutor", the police said on Tuesday afternoon.