Man who stabbed Americans at Amsterdam train station reportedly uncooperative

Ambulance police Amsterdam
A trauma team and police vehicle race follow an ambulance on Damrak in Amsterdam after a stabbing at Amsterdam Centraal. 31 August 2018photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

Jawed S., the man suspected of stabbing two American tourists in a terrorist attack at Amsterdam Central Station last year, is only giving limited cooperation to the investigations ongoing against him, was revealed during a proforma hearing in his case on Friday, the Telegraaf reports. 

Despite previously saying that he was willing to undergo psychiatric examination at the Pieter Baan Center, S. only had two or three conversations with a psychiatrist and psychologist before refusing to speak further. The two experts concluded that Jawed S. seems to have some kind of psychological problem, but they can't say anything about his accountability based on the limited conversations they had, according to the newspaper.

The young Afghani man, who celebrated his 20th birthday in prison today, is also refusing to cooperate with investigations by the German authorities. He lived in Ingelheim and made preparations for his attack in Amsterdam on German territory, such as buying the knife he used. According to S.'s lawyer, S. is worried that he will be prosecuted separately in Germany. The man did cooperate with interrogations by the American authorities.

S.'s lawyer asked to further question the police officers who shot S. during the attack. According to the lawyer, the statements made by the two officers are not entirely consistent. He also asked for surveillance camera footage at the exit of Central Station, showing the attack itself and the minutes immediately after it. He wants to see for himself how his client behaved. S. was hit by two bullets. The lawyer thinks that the second one had not been necessary. 

The Afghani man stabbed two American tourists at Amsterdam Central Station in late August last year. One victim is now bound to a wheelchair, the other sustained nerve damage to his arm. The Public Prosecutor is charging S. with two counts of attempted murder with a terrorist intent.

S. confessed to attacking the two men. He said he committed the attack because Wilders insulted the Prophet Mohammed in a video and with his announced cartoon contest featuring the Islamic religious figure.