Amsterdam CS attacker will "do worse" if gov't doesn't act against Wilders

Ambulance police Amsterdam
A trauma team and police vehicle race follow an ambulance on Damrak in Amsterdam after a stabbing at Amsterdam Centraal. 31 August 2018photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

The man suspected of committing a terrorist attack at Amsterdam Central Station in August intends to do worse if the Dutch government does not intervene against PVV leader Geert Wilders, he said during a proforma hearing on Friday. He also intends to deal with Wilders himself, 19-year-old Jawed S. said in court, reports.

The Afghani man stabbed two American tourists at Amsterdam Central Station in late August last year. One victim is now bound to a wheelchair, the other sustained nerve damage to his arm. The Public Prosecutor is charging S. with two counts of attempted murder with a terrorist intent.

S. confessed to attacking the two men. He said he committed the attack because Wilders insulted the Prophet Mohammed in a video and with his announced cartoon contest featuring the Islamic religious figure. 

In a short statement, the man said that he had heard that many Dutch people were against Wilders' plans to organize the cartoon contest. "But why did he then get the opportunity", S. wanted to know, according to the newspaper. S. also said that he intended to make a comprehensive statement about his deed.

S.'s mental state is currently being examined by the Pieter Baan Center. He is cooperating in this examination, was revealed in court on Friday. The expectation is that he will be discharged from the center in the second half of March. The center's final report is expected in April or May.

The trial against S. is scheduled for September this year. The next proforma hearing will take place in May.