Rejected student terrorizing Dutch university

Panorama of the campus of Wageningen University & Research
Panorama of the campus of Wageningen University & ResearchPhoto: Van Gooien/Wikimedia Commons

Wageningen University and Research has been threatened and harassed by a rejected student for years, to such an extent that the university was forced to get extra security. The university is now going to court to try and get the man to stop. "We find this extremely annoying", spokesperson Simon Vink of Wageningen University said to AD. "It has also been going on for years with peaks in which it is really intense."

The man started harassing the university after he was rejected for a study. He's since sent thousands of messages, the content of which is offensive and threatening, and often written in rhyme. Sometimes the university gets dozens of emails per day from the man.

The university does not want to discuss the nature of the threats, or say anything about the measures that have been taken. But it is clear that the university now uses extra security on open days due to the threats, according to the newspaper. 

On Wednesday the court will handle the lawsuit Wageningen University filed against the rejected student. The university hopes that the court gives the man a restraining order, banning him from contacting Wageningen University and Research. "Actually, it does not matter to us what happens as long as it stops. We only hope that the judge puts an end to this. We want no more", Vink said to the newspaper.