Germany to extradite terrorism suspect to Netherlands

Dutch police sign (Photo: M.Minderhoud/ Wikipedia). ()

A terrorism suspect who was arrested in the German city of Mainz at the end of last year, will be extradited to the Netherlands next week, the judiciary in Koblenz announced. The man lives in Rotterdam, but was visiting his cousin on the day of his arrest, December 29th, NOS reports.

On that same day four people were arrested in Rotterdam on suspicion of involvement in terrorism. Two of them were released last week due to a lack of evidence. Exactly what these suspects were planning is not clear, according to the broadcaster.

On December 31st another man was arrested in Rotterdam on suspicion of terrorist activities. The police are investigating information from intelligence service AIVD that the man is active in al-Qaeda circles and believe the man was gathering information on the internet to commit an attack.