Another terrorism arrest in Rotterdam, site of the national fireworks show

Police uniform
Police uniform. (Photo: Politie)

Another Rotterdam man was arrested on suspicion of involvement in terrorist-related crimes, the Public Prosecutor's office said on Monday. The arrest is not connected to the arrest of four men in Rotterdam over the weekend, suspected of plotting a terrorist act.

Monday's announcement concerns a 24-year-old man who will be interrogated in the coming days. Little was revealed about the suspected plan.

No weapons or explosives were found. In searching his home, several data collection devices were seized.

In connection with the arrest over the weekend, a fifth Rotterdam resident was also caught in Germany. Dutch authorities have asked Germany to transfer the 26-year-old with a Syrian background into Dutch custody.

Another of the four men held has a Syrian background. He was given asylum and a residence permit by the Netherlands along with his wife and children.

The four people captured by Dutch authorities on Saturday were remanded into custody on Monday.

Rotterdam is the annual setting for the National Fireworks display on New Year's Eve. The show is centered around the city's iconic Erasmus Bridge.