Another key witness deal made in gangland assassinations: report

The Public Prosecutor made a deal with a second suspect in one of the multiple gangland assassinations in Amsterdam and Utrecht to turn key witness. Tony de G., a 34-year-old suspect in the murder of Amsterdam criminal Jair Wessels, made statements against people involved in the criminal underworld, Het Parool reports.

Jair Wessels was gunned down with an automatic firearm in a paring lot at train station Breukelen on July 7th, 2017. The trial against those suspected of his assassination, Tony de G., 33-year-old Patrick S., and 44-year-old Howard K., is scheduled to start on Tuesday. It is expected that this trial will be delayed as the police are still busy checking De G's key witness statements in a detailed "verification investigation".

Insiders told Het Parool that De G. made detailed statements about Wessels' assassination, as well as other cases. These statements can be of great importance, also in the investigation into fugitive criminal Ridouan Taghi and his gang, the newspaper writes.

According to Het Parool, statements made by De G. likely also led to the arrests of Caloh Wagoh members last week. Two members of the outlaw motorcycle gang are suspected of involvement in Wessels' assassination. Caloh Wagoh was also linked to an attack on the building housing the editorial staff of magazine Panorama. A rocket launcher was fired at the building near Amsterdam Sloterdijk in June. Caloh Wagoh is believed to have done jobs for Taghi, according to the newspaper.

This is the second key witness deal the Public Prosecutor made in the investigations into gangland assassinations in Amsterdam and Utrecht. In March the Prosecutor announced that Nabil B. decided to turn witness. B. delivered a car for an assassination in Utrecht, in which Hakim Changachi was killed. Changachi was not the intended target of the assassination, and B. decided to help the police out of guilt, and because he worried that Taghi's gang was after him.

Six days after the Prosecutor announced the deal with B., his brother Reduan B. was shot and killed at his Amsterdam business. The rest of of B.'s family are now in a protection program. It can be assumed that Tony de G.'s relatives are now also receiving extra security. 


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