Dutch face attempted murder charges for Prague waiter attack

Two Dutch who assaulted a waiter in Prague in April, may face longer prison sentences. The Public Prosecutor in the Czech Republic is charging them with attempted murder, which means they can face up to 18 years in prison, NOS reports.

The Public Prosecutor changed the charges to attempted murder after medical research gave a clearer picture of the severity of the victim's injuries, concluding that they were life-threatening. The two Dutch brothers were initially charged with inflicting serious bodily harm.

The brothers were part of a group of seven Dutch arrested for assaulting the waiter in Prague on April 21st. Two, including a police officer from Amsterdam, were released shortly after their arrest. Three others were given suspended prison sentences and banned from entering the Czech Republic for five years.

The victim sustained serious injuries in the assault, including a broken jaw and broken eye socket. 

One of the two Dutch still in custody recently wrote a letter apologizing to the waiter in question and the Netherlands.