Record drought in parts of Netherlands

There is a very good chance that this June may be the driest one for the Netherlands in a long time, possibly even since weather measurements started in 1901, according to weather services Weeronline and Weerplaza.

Especially the middle, west and southwest parts of the country are experiencing record drought, despite some rainfall over the past days. The biggest rain shortages are in Twente, the Achterhoek, the northern parts of the Veluwe and parts of Noord-Limburg. 

The rest of June is expected to be sunny and warm, with temperatures expected to climb to a tropical 30 degrees on Thursday. The weather services therefore feel confident in saying that the drought record will be broken. 

Farmers in parts of Limburg and West-Brabant are already banned from irrigating their land for the time being, because the water level dropped too low. 


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