"The perpetrator destroyed everything", Anne Faber's dad says in court

Anne Faber's family had the chance to speak in court on Tuesday during the second day of the trail against her suspected murderer Michael P. "Anne, full of joy, only 25, so innocently out on a bike ride. The perpetrator destroyed everything. Her life, our lives and the lives of everyone who loved her", the young Utrecht woman's father said in court, NOS reports. 

"Honestly, I think I should have the right to punish the perpetrator myself. I have such pain in my heart", Anne's father continued. "Anne is the most precious and vulnerable thing in my life, along with my son Rogier."

Anne Faber disappeared while cycling in the Utrecht region on September 29th. Her body was found in a wooded area in Zeewolde on October 12th. She had been raped and murdered. Michael P. was arrested on October 9th after his DNA was found on Anne's jacket. He told the police where to found her body and confessed to killing her. Michael P. was not present in the court room during the family's statements. He listened from a separate room.

Anne's mother also made a statement. "I found it difficult to lie in a warm bed while the rain hit the windows and I didn't know where Anne was. I felt guilty. But I had to stay afloat during the search", she said. "We were prepared with photos, but we had to hold each other to stay upright when we saw her. What we saw is indescribable. All the beautiful words we wanted to say fell away. All we could say was: we are with you."

"It is unimaginable how much fear and pain the suspect caused. First of all with Anne herself, then the anger and grief spread like an oil slick. The family will never be complete again", Anne's mother continued. "Anne's friends are afraid to walk alone through the forest. Even women who did not know Anne tell that they have become afraid. All because of one person. Unimaginable wat one person can do."

She doesn't believe that Michael P. told the truth about what he did to her daughter. "Investigation showed that not everything he said can be true. So he lied and concealed things. The only person who knows what really happened, my daughter Anne, was killed by the suspect. Horror scenarios come to me. And in every variation my daughter suffered unbearably and she died in loneliness." 

"It is important to me that the suspect should never be allowed to go free again", Anne's mother said. "Because if he is released again then something terrible will happen again to a daughter."

P. was brought into the court room after Anne's parents made their statements. "Terrible what these people have been through", he said in court. "I've done my best to provide clarity as quickly as possible. I found it terrible to hear. I'm really sorry."

In court on Monday it was revealed that P. killed Anne after she called for help.

The report by the Pieter Baan Center, where P. was admitted for psychological examination in preparation for the trial, was also presented on Monday, RTL Nieuws reports. "When there is considerable stress, the suspect may experience a distortion of reality. That usually does not last long, as is the case with psychosis", the psychiatrist and psychologist that extensively examined P. said in the report. P. is "limited in conscience and anti-social", according to them.

According to the report, P. has the characteristics of a borderline anti-social personality disorder. He needs stimuli and quickly becomes aggressive. He had a developmental disorder in his youth and also shows characteristics of psychopathy. P. is dependent on alcohol, Ritalin and cocaine, which also counts as a disorder. The experts believe that it is P.'s personal characteristics, rather than his substance use, that played the decisive role in him raping and killing Anne. They recommend that he be sentenced to institutionalized psychiatric treatment. 

The Public Prosecutor will make the sentence demand against P. later on Tuesday.