Escaped cow caught after roaming Dutch town for 8 weeks

Cow (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/ Kumbayo). (Cow (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/ Kumbayo))

After roaming the woods of the small Overijssel town of Lettele for nearly two months, cow Hermien was finally caught on Sunday night. She was anesthetized by veterinarians and transported to a rest home for cows who no longer produce, a spokesperson for owner Herman Jansen said to RTL Nieuws.

Hermien caused danger on the road over the past days, so it was necessary to intervene.

The cow escaped eight weeks ago while being transported to the slaughterhouse. Numerous attempts by veterinarians and hunters to catch or kill her were unsuccessful. 

Hermien received so much media attention that a number of spontaneous actions were set up to rescue her. Animal party PvdD launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay for Hermien to stay at a rest house for cows for the rest of her life. Some 50 thousand euros were raised within a few days.