Carbon monoxide leak in pizzeria leaves 19 unwell


A carbon monoxide leak at pizzeria Fratelli in Leidschendam left 19 people feeling unwell on Christmas. Emergency services responded to the Italian restaurant on Sluiskant over lunch time after receiving a report of people falling ill, RTL Nieuws reports.

Eleven people who were working or celebrating Christmas at the restaurant were taken to hospital with complaints ranging from headaches to feeling nauseous. A spokesperson for the fire department told the broadcaster that all unwell people could get into the ambulances themselves. "The cause is an oven that released carbon monoxide", the spokesperson said. "They still had enough ovens to run the kitchen. And therefore the restaurant could open again this afternoon."

The restaurant was well ventilated before reopening on Monday afternoon. According to a manager at the restaurant, it was mainly staff members who fell ill. "Fortunately the concentration was low. And the staff are doing well again. People who had lunch here this afternoon are coming back tonight to have a bite", the manager said to RTL. 


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