Roads still icy, airports back on schedule after snow

Tire tracks in melting snow
Tire tracks in melting snowDries Arnolds,

Motorists are warned to be careful of slippery roads this morning, caused by melting snow that froze again overnight. Meteorological institute KMNI issued a code yellow weather warning for all provinces except for Zeeland. After heavy snowfall on Monday caused two days of chaos at Dutch airports, most flights are now departing and landing on schedule.

According to the KMNI, the ice on the roads will melt away as temperatures increase during the course of the morning. "Adjust your driving behavior", the institute warns. Drive slowly and keep a safe following distance. 

Schiphol Airport is fully operational again, the airport announced on Tuesday night. The Amsterdam airport canceled around half its flights on Monday. There were also many cancelations and delays on Tuesday. The airport was very crowded throughout Tuesday as passengers on one of Monday's over 600 canceled flights waited for alternative flights. The airport still reports some delayed arrivals, but all departures are leaving on time.

Groningen Airport is completely back on schedule, with no delays reported. Maasticht Aachen Airport reports some delayed arrivals, but all departures are leaving on time. 

Train traffic also seems to be back on track. NS reports only one disruption. Very limited train traffic is possible between Horst-Sevenum and Deurne this morning due to a problem with the overhead line. The rail company can't say by when this will be fixed, but were deployed to help transport passengers. A previous problem on the line between Arnhem Centraal and Nijmegen has been fixed. Delays are decreasing and the schedule should be back to normal by 7:45 a.m.