Schiphol, Dutch airports announce dozens of cancellations, delays

Snow plows clear Schiphol's runways, 10 Dec 2017
Snow plows clear Schiphol's runways, 10 Dec 2017Photo: @Schiphol / Twitter

The airports in the Netherlands are still struggling to catch up after heavy snowfall caused hundreds of flight cancellations and delays on Monday. Dozens of delays and cancellations have already been announced for Tuesday. Travelers are advised to check their flight status on the airport website, or with their airline, before leaving for the airport.

Schiphol canceled a total of over 600 flights on Monday - about half of the total scheduled flights. To try and get back on track, several flights landed overnight with delays of up to 11 hours, and several took off with delays ranging from 3 to 17 hours, according to information provided by the airport. So far 43 departures and 79 arrivals have been canceled at Schiphol today. The delays are also mounting up, with 13 departures and 125 arrivals delayed. Some flights scheduled for Monday will also land at the airport today.

The mass cancellations at the Amsterdam airport on Monday left thousands of travelers stranded. Airlines helped some travelers find a hotel room. Schiphol also placed 1,300 stretchers for those who couldn't find a hotel. Early in the evening KLM released a letter saying that the airline can't help travelers find hotel rooms, but will reimburse the costs of rooms the travelers found for themselves.

“The current weather conditions are of influence on the air traffic to and from Eindhoven Airport. For more information please check our website or the website of your airline.” Eindhoven Airport warns on its site. So far the airport only reports two minor takeoff delays.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport also warns of possible delays due to weather conditions. "Also, we would like to ask you to take some extra time to travel to the airport. We advise you to check the actual flight information on our website frequently and to contact your airline.” The airport reports one canceled takeoff, two minor takeoff delays, and one delayed arrival.

Maastricht Aachen Airport reports four delayed takeoffs, and three delayed arrivals. Groningen has one delayed arrival and one delayed takeoff.