Fatal Nieuwegein shooting linked to 2013 assassination: report

Police close down the Apolloburg in Nieuwegein after a fatal shooting, 28 Nov 2017
Police close down the Apolloburg in Nieuwegein after a fatal shooting, 28 Nov 2017Photo: @roballemachtig / Twitter

A 43-year-old man from Nieuwegein was killed when perpetrators opened fire on his car on Apolloburg in Nieuwegein on Tuesday morning. This murder is connected to an assassination on the same street in 2013, 'well established sources' told AD.

According to AD's sources, Tuesday's victim is called Chico and he was childhood friends with Rasta Gilly, who was assassinated on Apolloburg in 2013 after a rip deal - a drug deal in which one party takes off with both drugs and money. Gilly's younger brother was injured at the time. Chico and Gilly were both involved in the trade of hard drugs, according to the newspaper.

After the shooting on Tuesday morning, the suspects were spotted in a car driving on the A2 towards Amsterdam. The police gave chase and a SWAT team eventually forced the car off the road on Meibergdreef in Amsterdam Zuidoost, near the Amsterdam Medical Center. Two suspects were arrested after the police fired warning shots. The suspects are in custody for questioning, and the police are investigating their role in the fatal shooting, according to NU.nl

A burning car was found in a parking lot on Componistenbaan in Vleuten after the shooting. The police are investigating whether this car is connected to the shooting. Following previous assassinations in the Netherlands, it often happened that the perpetrators switched getaway cars shortly after the shooting, setting fire to the first car in order to destroy evidence. 

There are still many police officers in bulletproof vests at the scene of this morning's shooting, according to AD. The scene was closed to the public so that the police can investigate. The victim's car was towed away by the police, with the victim still in it.

The victim's in-laws, who gathered at the bullet riddled car, told AD that the man recently became a father.