Forensic worker caught manipulating own alcohol blood tests

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A 38-year-old employee of the Netherlands Forensic Institute was arrested on Monday. She is suspected of manipulating her own blood samples in order to hide that she was driving under the influence of alcohol, the Public Prosecutor announced.

According to the Prosecutor, the woman was arrested for driving under the influence at least twice, in October last year and in February of this year. In both cases a breathalyzer test showed that she was over the limit. And in both cases, she requested a counter-investigation, in which the police took a blood sample and sent it to the NFI for testing.

The results of the NFI investigations were so different from the breathalyzer results, that the Rijksrecherche - the department that handles internal investigations at the police - decided to look into it. Indications were found that the woman manipulated her blood samples to show a lower alcohol level. 

According to the Public Prosecutor, there is no evidence that the woman also manipulated other samples.