High temperatures trigger national heat warning

Summer temperatures of up to 33 degrees expected in the Netherlands this week triggered national health institute RIVM to issue a heat warning for most of the Netherlands. The heat warning is in effect for the seven provinces in central and southern Netherlands between Monday and Thursday, NU.nl reports.

Doctors, health- and care institutions are called on to be extra alert to heat related problems in vulnerable people. This includes the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, toddlers and babies and overweight people. These groups are at high risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration. 

These vulnerable groups are advised to stay in the shade as much as possible, limit physical exertion and be sure to stay hydrated - drink lots of water. Non-vulnerable people can also follow this advice. 

The heat warning does not apply to the northern provinces, as the weather will be somewhat cooler there. The national heat warning is triggered when maximum temperatures of over 27 degrees are expected for four consecutive days.