Hague police shooting suspect caught on video

A police officer aiming his service weapon
A police officer aiming his service weapon. (Photo: Politie)

A video surfaced of police officers shooting a man in the leg on Hobbemaplein in The Hague. The police confirmed that it involves an incident on the square on April 12th, AD reports.

According to the police, the man was waving a knife and would not listen to police officers' instructions to drop the weapon. A warning shot was fired. When the man still refused to listen to the police, the officers decided to shoot him in the leg.

The video shows the man walking towards the officers with an object in his hand. There is the bang of a warning shot, then another of the targeted shot. The man falls to the ground, grabbing his leg. He shouts: "Aallahu Akbar" - God is great. Four police officers detain him.

The video was filmed from a home near the square in Schilderswijk. Another video showing the same incident seems to have been filmed from the street, close to the shooting