Ten arrested in raid on Hells Angels clubhouse in Haarlem

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On Thursday night the police raided the Hells Angels clubhouse on Baljuwslaan and arrested a total of 10 people. The suspects include nine men and one woman. According to the police, the 9 men make up the entire Haarlem chapter of the outlaw motorcycle gang, ANP reports.

The men are aged between 35 and 64 years and come from Haarlem, Leiden, Gouda, Alkmaar and IJmuiden. They are all suspected of participation in a criminal organization. Some are also suspected of extortion, threats, violence and arson.

The 32-year-old woman from Haarlem is not a member but is associated with the Hells Angels Haarlem chapter. 

The suspects were arrested during the raid on the clubhouse, in homes in Haarlem and in the Heerhugowaard penitentiary. In addition to the clubhouse, the police also searched homes and buildings in Zwijndrecth, Gouda, Leiden, Warmond, Alkmaar, Hoofddorp, Velsen-Zuid, IJmuiden, Heeruhugowaard and Haarlem. The clubhouse is now closed by order of the Haarlem mayor.

This action is part of an ongoing criminal investigation that was launched in 2015, which involves 29 cases. This investigation led the police to believe that members of the Hells Angels Haarlem chapter were involved in these cases, to varying extents, the police said.

Earlier this month the police also raided the No Surrender clubhouse in Emmen. Wiretaps revealed that crimes were structurally committed in the building, including drug trafficking and assaults, the authorities said.