Weapons, ammunition found on widower who buried wife in Limburg garden

Police uniform
Police uniformPhoto: Politie

The police found firearms and ammunition on the grounds of a lumber company in Brunssum on Wednesday. The owner of the company, Frenk W., made headlines last year when he buried his deceased wife in their garden, the Telegraaf reports.

The poliice searched the Brunssum lumber company as part of an investigation into a Zuid-Limburg criminal organization in which 14 people were arrested on Tuesday. They are all suspected of, among other things, car thefts, burglaries, ram raids and money laundering. Frenk W. is considered a suspect, but he has not yet been questioned, according to the newspaper.

W. made news last year when the municipality of Brunssum demanded that he dig up his wife, who he buried in his backyard, and rebury her elsewhere. He filed a lawsuit and the court ruled that he could keep her buried in the garden.

Theo Boumans, W.'s lawyer, confirmed that W. is a suspect, but would tell the Telegraaf nothing further. According to the lawyer, W. is seriously ill. 


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