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Feb 8 '17 14:40

Anonymous tip line Report Crime Anonymously gave a record number of 16,900 tips through to the police last year. Thanks to these anonymous tips a total of 1,671 suspects were arrested and more than 1,100 crimes were solved or prevented, the tip line announced with its annual figures on Tuesday, ANP reports.

About one in three tips received by the hot line is eventually given through to the police. The majority of the tips were made by telephone and about a quarter came in online. 

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Jan 12 '17 16:15

The police found firearms and ammunition on the grounds of a lumber company in Brunssum on Wednesday. The owner of the company, Frenk W., made headlines last year when he buried his deceased wife in their garden, the Telegraaf reports.

Jan 11 '17 15:00

On Tuesday the police in Zuid-Limburg arrested 14 people on suspicion of involvement in dozens of crimes including car thefts, burglaries, ram raids, handling stolen goods and money laundering. According to the police, all 14 suspects no each other and the crimes were committed by varying smaller groups made up of the various suspects. Most of the crimes were committed in Limburg and across the border in Germany and Belgium in 2016.

Dec 22 '16 10:00

During Christmas and New Year's insurance companies in the Netherlands receive on average double the number of claims as on ordinary days, according to figures from the Dutch Association of Insurers. However, for the third year in a row there was a decrease in the number of burglary claims last year, AD reports.

Last year there wre some 38 thousand burglaries across the country, compared to 45 thousand in 2014. That is a decrease of about 18 percent. Compared to 2013, the number of burglary claims submitted per day halved from 250 to 125. 

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May 30 '16 10:51

Vincent Jalink was killed in what the police are calling an assassination in Diemen on Friday night. His young son witnessed the assassination. The 38-year-old man had a criminal record and was well known to the Dutch authorities, according to the police statement on the shooting.

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Mar 16 '16 11:35

The number of burglaries throughout the Netherlands dropped by 9 percent last year, compared to 2014. All in all fewer than 65 thousand homes were broken into in the country in 2015, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Wednesday.

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Dec 28 '15 12:53

The police once again had their hands full with burglaries over the Christmas days. Numerous burglars were arrested across the Netherlands between December 24th and December 26th and many more burglaries were reported, though there was not a remarkable increase in the number of burglaries compared to the same period in previous years.

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Nov 26 '15 15:00

Amsterdam is handing out Fake TV sets to 500 homes in Nieuw-West to deter burglars. The idea is that the fake TV, which mimics the light effects of a real television, will make burglars think that someone is home.

asylum seekers
Nov 20 '15 12:09

The arrival of an asylum center in a neighborhood has no affect on the prices of surrounding homes, nor the time they spend on the market. The number of burglaries also do not increase more than the national trend.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Oct 19 '15 14:24

The number of felonies in the first half of this year has decreased by 8.8 percent compared to the same period in 2014. This decrease was the strongest in so-called high impact crimes - crimes that affect citizens' sense of security the most, such as burglaries, robberies, muggings and violent crimes.

Oct 15 '15 14:49

A test run with the Automatic Number Plate Recognition, known by acronym ANPR, has been launched in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the police announced on Wednesday. This was done to help fight crime during the oncoming longer nights and shorter days of winter.

Apr 28 '15 14:24

Rotterdam's approach to high impact crimes, crimes that have a major impact on their victims' lives, is proving to be effective. Both the number these crimes, such as robberies and burglaries, and the number of repeat offenses showed a significant decrease in 2014.

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Mar 24 '15 13:03

Victims of burglaries are often not informed by the police about the progress of the investigation, NU reports based on the annual AD Misdaadmeter (Crime Meter).

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Feb 3 '15 13:22

The police in Oost-Nederland in cooperation with the Public Prosecutor, broke up a criminal network today. During a special action day, the police raided homes and businesses in Tiel, Ede, Gouda, Rotterdam and The Hague. Five arrests were made on suspicion of participation in a criminal organization, burglaries, money laundering and hemp farming.

20101130 diverse navigatie Tomtom aangetroffen bij heler Ypenburg Leidschenveen
Jan 26 '15 12:58

The police arrested a 21 year old man from the Hague on Tuesday, January 20th, on suspicion of stealing a navigation system. The police are investigating whether the man is also responsible for a series of burglaries.

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Oct 2 '14 12:57

Police have warned people to stay extra alert as the Netherlands moves into winter, and the daylight becomes shorter. Local officers will increase patrols, keep an eye out for notorious burglars, and be on heightened alert for criminal activity from October to March, the police department said in a press release.

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Mar 11 '14 18:18

The number of carnival burglaries between February 28 and March 3 dropped this year in Zealand and West-Brabant, but rose in East-Brabant, compared to last year, reported the police.

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Mar 10 '14 17:05

Four new arrests were made in the investigation into activities of a criminal youth gang in South West The Hague, Monday morning, March 10. Together with 11 other suspects, apprehended on January 14, they are held responsible for dozens of burglaries.

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Jan 19 '14 04:31

The Oost-Brabant police arrested four men in their homes in Venlo, Friday, for suspicion of at least eighty burglaries in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Jan 14 '14 14:23

The Hague police arrested eleven members of a youth gang early Tuesday morning in a large-scale operation, according to police reports.

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Jan 10 '14 11:32

The Public Prosecution East Netherlands demanded prison sentences against three members of a criminal youth gang from Culemborg, Thursday, before the Amsterdam court.

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Dec 27 '13 04:36

The Tilburg police fired a warning shot in the night of Wednesday on Thursday in order to apprehend a burglar, reported the police Thursday. There were not casualties.

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Nov 23 '13 15:39

The number of burglaries in Amsterdam increased exponentially this year, and may reach eight thousand in 2013, which is an increase of fifteen percent, compared to last year.

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Oct 9 '13 08:47

Over the last five years, the number of burglary claims in the Netherlands has risen from an average of 2500 per month in 2008 to more than 3500 per month in 2012. This is an increase of 40 percent. This was evident on Wednesday from an analysis of the Association of Insurers.

The risk  for a burglary is highest in the province of Noord Brabant and the lowest in the province of Groningen. From the big cities Groningen seems to be the safest city. Citizens  of Breda, Almere and Nijmegen have 4 times more chance on a burglary, according to the report.


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