Vast organized crime network broken up

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The police in Oost-Nederland in cooperation with the Public Prosecutor, broke up a criminal network today. During a special action day, the police raided homes and businesses in Tiel, Ede, Gouda, Rotterdam and The Hague. Five arrests were made on suspicion of participation in a criminal organization, burglaries, money laundering and hemp farming.

According to the police, the prime suspect is a 23 year old man from Tiel. Two men from Ede were also arrested (32 and 21 years old). Another man was also arrested in a home in Tiel. The 5th arrest was that of a 26 year old man from Tiel who was arrested for firearm- and drug possession. The police also seized various goods including cars and cellphones.

The police expect to make more arrests soon. During the investigation the police discovered who was involved in criminal activities as well as how the organization work. This action day was a blow to the criminal network in Tiel and Ede as well to those who helped them.