Terrorist attack at Dutch theme park foiled by authorities

The Flying Dutchman at Efteling (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Kevin olfers)The Flying Dutchman at Efteling (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Kevin olfers)

Amusement park Efteling may be the target of an attack by terrorist organization Islamic State or those who sympathize with the group. In June the police arrested a woman in June, who sympathizes with ISIS. She and others discussed plans to attack the amusement park, BN De Stem reports based on their own research and insight into the police file regarding the woman.

According to the newspaper, the 25-year-old woman was planning to leave for Syria with the intention of marrying an ISIS militant once there. Her plans were foiled when she was arrested.

On the suspect's phone the police found messages over terrorists on their way to the Netherlands and Belgium to commit attacks. She also talked with other female ISIS sympathizers, discussing the idea of attacking Efteling. According to the newspaper, one message reads that "the Netherlands should get a gift similar to what the brothers did in Paris and Brussels."

A woman was also arrested in Belgium in connected with this case. As far as is known, no explosives or weapons were found in either of the suspects' homes.

The Public Prosecutor in Breda confirmed the arrest of the woman from Werkendam. She is officially suspected of "participation in an organization with the aim of committing terrorist offenses". A spokesperson would not say whether Efteling was a serious target or in actual danger. Nor would he say whether additional security measures were taken. "We never do that in this kind of case, certainly not at this stage", the spokesperson said to the newspaper.


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