Over €100,000 stolen in Venlo home robbery

A number of masked men broke into a house on Veldenseweg and stole 120 thousand euros in cash as well as jewelry, according to one of the victims Mia Geerlings. The police only stated that jewelry was stolen and will say nothing more in the interest of an ongoing investigation, 1Limburg reports.

Geerlings told the Limburg media that the large amount of cash that was in the house came from her father's metal recycling businesses. He was in the hospital for surgery at the time and planned to store the money somewhere safer, but never got around to doing so.

She suspects that the robbers knew about her father's surgery, but did not know about how much money was in the house. "Because then the tip had to come from someone very close", she said, according to 1Limburg.

Mia's father offered a 50 thousand euro reward for information that leads to the resolution of this case.


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