Court: Investigation into Demmink child sex allegations closed; Turkey won't cooperate

Graffiti of Joris Demmink in Groningen, March 2014 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Wutsje). (Graffiti of Joris Demmink in Groningen, March 2014 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Wutsje))

The investigation into allegations that former former Secretary General of the Ministry of Security and Justice Joris Demmink The investigating magistrate could not question any witnesses in Turkey as the Turkish officials for legal reasons ignored all the Netherlands requests to do so, the court in The Hague said on Wednesday, NOS reports.

The case against Demmink is now with the Public Prosecutor, who will make a decision on whether or not the former Justice official will be prosecuted.

Demmink refutes allegations that he raped two boys in Turkey during missions in the nineties. In 2014 the court in Den Bosh ordered to Prosecutor to investigate anyway as the facts and circumstances justified a "reasonable suspicion of guilt".