Joris Demmink

Joris Demminck
Jun 30 '16 15:00

Former Security and Justice official Joris Demmink will not be prosecuted for child sexual abuse, the Public Prosecutor announced on Thursday after more than two years of investigating allegations of child rape from Turkey

May 25 '16 14:00

The investigation into allegations that former former Secretary General of the Ministry of Security and Justice Joris Demmink raped to minors in Turkey is now closed. The investigating magistrate could not question any witnesses in Turkey as the Turkish officials for legal reasons ignored all the Netherlands requests to do so, the court in The Hague said on Wednesday

Apr 21 '16 10:19

Former Security and Justice State Secretary Fred Teeven is testifying in court on Thursday at a so-called preliminary hearing in a forced child prostitution case in which a number of high-ranking Dutch officials are implicated.

Apr 18 '16 14:08

A number of important Dutch people were named in the Amsterdam court on Monday, where witnesses are being questioned in a case surrounding an extensive network of child sexual abuse and child prostitution in Amsterdam in the 1980's. According to the first witness, former mayor Ed van Thijn, former Minister Onno Rudding and Prince Claus were all involved in pedophile-prostitution to some extent.

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Oct 29 '15 16:50

The Amsterdam court has called on former Security and Justice officials Ivo Opstelten, Fred Teeven and Joris Demmink to testify in a child sex abuse case from the 80's and 90's. This case involves ex-prostitute Bart van Wells, who says that he was abused by Demmink when he was 15 years old

Sep 14 '15 14:54

Turkey is refusing to cooperate in the investigation into suspicions of pedophile activities of former Secretary General of the Ministry of Security and Justice Joris Demmink. It is believed that the 67 year old Demmink raped two minor boys in Turkey in the 90's.

Mar 25 '14 18:05

Former prison director, Bart Molenkamp, repeated his allegations against former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Security and Justice, Joris Demmink, Tuesday, in a preliminary hearing in the Utrecht court.

Jan 21 '14 17:13

Former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Security and Justice, Joris, Demmink, has to be prosecuted by the Publice Prosecution for alleged sexual crimes, ruled the court in Arnhem, Tuesday.

Jan 16 '14 04:33

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a 153-page-report on human rights in the European Union on its website, Wednesday, of which 9 pages (in the English version) are dedicated to the Netherlands.

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