Ex Justice official not to be prosecuted for child sex abuse

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Former Security and Justice official Joris Demmink will not be prosecuted for child sexual abuse, the Public Prosecutor announced on Thursday after more than two years of investigating allegations of child rape from Turkey, the Volkskrant reports.

According to the Prosecutor, excluding previous reports filed against him, the criminal investigation revealed "no evidence of involvement in criminal acts".

In February 2014 a court n Arnhem ordered the Public Prosecutor to investigate allegations that Demmink raped two then underage  boys in Turkey between 1995 and 1997. The investigation found no confirmation of these allegations. There was also no incriminating evidence that Demmink was involved in abusing the boys.

The investigation against Demmink was closed last month, without any witnesses in Turkey being questioned -  the Turkish officials for legal reasons ignored all the Netherlands requests to do so