Snow, rain expected over the weekend

Snow in Groningen, 4 Jan 2016 (Photo: @YolandavdZee/Twitter)Snow in Groningen, 4 Jan 2016 (Photo: @YolandavdZee/Twitter)

A drop in temperatures across could lead to some scattered light snowfall in the Netherlands from late Thursday night into Saturday, according to the nation’s official meteorology office KNMI. The snow is expected to first show around the end of Thursday in the northeast of the country.

Weather website Weerplaza cautions the possibility of moderate, chilly winds bringing temperatures down across the country, and increasing the chance of snow in Limburg. The hilly area of that province could get up to five centimeters of snow.

Temperatures in the east could even fall as low as -5 degrees Celsius on Monday or Tuesday. The cold will increase the chances of slick roads, and rain is likely where the temperatures are warmer.

The chance of precipitation across the country is a hefty 90 percent on Thursday and Friday, the KNMI said, and still 50 percent on Saturday.