Young Muslims hand out free Korans on King's Day

Koran (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Juanedc)Koran (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Juanedc)

A group of young Muslims decided to celebrate King's Day by handing out 15 thousand free Korans in 13 Dutch cities. With this action they hope to counterbalance the negative image of Islam formed by actions by terrorist organization ISIS and extremists attacks, Het Parool reports.

"Our major goal is that in ten to fifteen years all hotel rooms will also have a Koran alongside a Bible." Ali Hori of the Alkhattab Foundation told the newspaper. The Alkhattab Foundation tries to spread information about Islam in a modern way through lectures.

The thirteen Dutch cities include the four major cities - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht - as well as smaller cities like Nijmegen, Heerlen, Lelystad and Breda. The mainly young Muslim volunteers found sponsors themselves so that they could buy the Korans. The initiative is sponsored by Islamic Center Midway in Rotterdam.