Dutch Bonnie & Clyde sentence to 12 and 16 years in prison

The court in Assen has sentenced Antonio van der P. and Enise B. to 16 and 12 years in prison respectively. The duo, better known as the Dutch Bonnie and Clyde, went on a two week crime spree through the Netherlands last year, starting with a robbery in Echten, Drenthe and ending with their arrest at a hotel in Schwerte, Germany. They were not present at the court during the ruling.

According to the court, both dependents made themselves guilty of, among others, attempted murder, robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping and extortion in a short period of time. The court found that their actions caused deep, serious and sometimes humiliating damage to the psychological and physical integrity of their victims.

The court holds Antonio van der P. (26) fully responsible for his actions. As Van der P. refused to cooperate with a psychological examination, there is no evidence of any form of psychological disorder that would give him diminished capacity. Enise B. (20) did cooperate with the examination and was declared sane.

According to the Public Prosecutor, the two committed a long list of "very serious offences", from which their victims are still suffering the consequences a year later. The prosecutor stated that they worked "deliberately and cold-blooded" and showed no sings of remorse. "Instead they have constantly tried to lay the blame with their victims: if they had cooperated, the violence would not have been necessary."

The court also ruled that the two have to pay a total amount of more than 170 thousand euros in damages to their victims.