Ebola action week concludes with National Action Day

The action week to raise money for Ebola concludes today with a National Action Day. Thus fa 4.5 million euro has been raised to fight the disaster.

Today the programming on the public channels has been adjusted and several programs will be about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. One last fundraising action will be held on television tonight.

Action bulletins will be broadcast on radio and television all through the day. These will be broadcast between programs. The stations of NPO, RTL and SBS are participating, working together with the Cooperating Aid Organisations (SHO) and Giro 555.

A call panel in the Netherlands Institute for Image and Sound in the Mediapark, will make calls from all radio and television channels. The public is urged to call the special action number and donate to the victims of Ebola.

The death toll of the global epidemic now stands at 5,689. A total of 15,935 people are infected. Almost all the victims come from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.