Albanian killer won't be extradited: Judge

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Minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) has approved the extradition of Albanian murderer, but The Hague court ruled against his extradition on Tuesday and the Albanian will not be extradited.

The Hague court has ruled that the convicted murderer may serve the remainder of his sentence in the Netherlands, as the court is of the opinion that he is at risk of befalling vendetta should he return to his homeland. The Albanian authorities have not ensured that they will put the necessary protection in place, the court said in its decision.

"The State is convinced that there is a serious risk of blood revenge, and Albania's answers were vague and not very reassuring". 

The Albanian confessed to shooting someone in October 2000 in his home country. Fearing vengeance from the deceased's family, he fled to the Netherlands. He was sentenced in abstentia to seven years imprisonment in that country for murder and illegal possession of weapons.

His name is not being published at this time.

The extradition was approved by an Amsterdam court, the Supreme Court and Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten. In response, the convicted killer filed a lawsuit in The Hague to reverse the extradition approval. The decision may be appealed by the government.